Directive Games showed off its new augmented reality game, The Machines, as an exclusive for iOS today.

Directive Games CEO Atli Mar showed off the tank battle game at Apple’s big iPhone 8 introduction event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California. As he spoke, another man held an iPad as if it were a camera. As he pointed, The Machines overlaid an image of a battle on the real world.

“It’s an amazing evolution in how games are played and experienced,” Mar said.

Above: Atli Mar shows of The Machines.

Image Credit: Directive Games/Apple

The Machines debuts this month on iOS. It uses Apple’s ARKit technology and has 4K effects. Mar said that you can move around and get a better view of the action, such as looking at a tank firing into a cave.

“You can use the position in the real world to gain a tactical advantage,” he said. “Your are not just controlling the game. You are in the game.”

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