Wowza Media Systems has unveiled its Wowza ClearCaster, an appliance for professional broadcasters and streamers to stream on Facebook Live.

Colorado-based Wowza designed the appliance in collaboration with Facebook. The ClearCaster appliance is built from the ground up to broadcast conversations on Facebook Live, from any workflow. Facebook is also announcing changes to its Facebook Live streaming applications programming interface, enabling for more seamless connections to the social service.

“Broadcasters and professional streamers are looking to engage with their audiences on Facebook Live, and they need a reliable and high-quality way to contribute broadcast-quality streams on the platform,” said Charlie Good, chief technology officer and cofounder at Wowza, in a statement. “ClearCaster is the most advanced and easiest solution to deliver stable, professional-quality content to Facebook Live, better connecting broadcasters with their followers on Facebook.”

ClearCaster auto-configures the optimal settings for a streamer’s conditions and use case. The appliance intelligently monitors real-time stream health, and it automatically adjusts stream settings to ensure uptime and quality.

ClearCaster allows broadcasters to stream in 1080p (high-definition) at 30 frames per second. It can also do 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition), when supported. ClearCaster connects to cameras, editing bays and live production studios to deliver programming directly to Facebook, without requiring changes to existing broadcast workflows.

Above: Wowza’s ClearCaster

Image Credit: Wowza

Wowza said that professionals won’t have to worry about connection issues and dropped streams. Users can start and stop streams through the Facebook Live user interface and can control the device through the Wowza web app to manage streaming and monitor success from any location.

The platform enables people to see live reactions from followers, while other platforms suffer from lag. On-camera broadcasters can also see exactly what their followers see through the talent-view function. An integrated countdown clock tells the streamer when the stream goes live.

ClearCaster includes inputs for SDI and HDMI connections to deliver directly from HD cameras and other professional equipment.

Since ClearCaster directly connects to Facebook Live’s applications programming interface, streamers will have the latest functionality. Wowza was founded in 2005, and it makes streaming software.

Facebook’s Live API can now automatically configure an encoder to the optimal settings for a Facebook Live broadcast, so the streamer can be confident that the broadcast will be high quality, without the need for manual adjustments.