A few months ago it looked like VR support had been all but confirmed for DICE and Criterion Games’ Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Sadly, it’s now looking like there won’t be any integration after all.

Criterion’s Matt Webster and John Stanley confirmed as much in a recent interview with Metro. When asked if there would be any VR options in the game, Webster simply replied: “There is no VR.”

Stanley followed up by saying that VR was “very important” to Criterion, and Webster reaffirmed comments from CEO of publisher EA that VR will play a big part in gaming going forward, but they didn’t offer much hope for a surprise VR reveal before launch.

It’s a shame, as Criterion developed the excellent X-Wing VR mission for the original Battlefront, which arrived on PlayStation VR late last year, and is now developing the space combat for the sequel. It would seem like a natural fit to have a multiplayer dogfighting mode for PSVR owners at the very least.

Still, earlier in the year Webster did say that VR support for the game was “a story for another day” so there’s still a thin thread of hope that some sort of integration will find its way into the game eventually. Don’t forget Sony also stuck a PSVR banner on the game’s icon on the PlayStation Store, though this was apparently an accident. Battlefront 2 is releasing on November 17 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and we’re still excited to play it even if it won’t be inside a headset.

This story originally appeared on Uploadvr.com. Copyright 2017