Nexon and Boss Key are giving players a reason to return to LawBreakers, a low-gravity shooter from designer Cliff Bleszinski. Boss Key, the development studio responsible for the online multiplayer battler has launched a free map and mode for everyone who already owns LawBreakers. This is the first installment in a series of planned free updates for the shooter.

The new map is Namsan. It is an urban facility that acts as the ground-floor entrance to a space elevator. It is set in South Korea, and it overlooks Seoul and the famous Namsan Tower. Boss Key designed Namsan to encourage verticality, which takes advantage of the aerial gameplay that LawBreakers is known for.

But more important than the map, Boss Key is introducing team deathmatch into LawBreakers in the form of its Skirmish mode. When the shooter launched in last month, it only had objective modes. Bleszinski cited this as one possible reason that LawBreakers hasn’t clicked with a significant audience yet.

In an interview with GameSpot, Bleszinski said it was humbling to see the concurrent player numbers for LawBreakers drop to below 500 people on Steam. The designer said that if he could go back, he would have shipped the game with more features, like team deathmatch, from the beginning.

“[But] it’s a marathon; not a sprint,” Bleszinski told GameSpot. “We’re going to keep iterating and working on it. [For those] of you who have been kind enough to drop $30 on this; we’ve got your back and we’re sticking with it.”