PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds studio Bluehole is beefing with Fortnite developer Epic Games because the former thinks the latter is too closely copying its game mechanics. To figure this out, we’re bringing together the finest minds in the games industry to shoot each other, and you can help by watching and playing along in tonight’s PUBG Family Dinner. Because, dammit! Someone has to solve this crisis!

Each Friday night, we livestream custom PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds matches on our Twitch channel. We do a combination of silly, dumb, and traditional rules, and the point is to have a good time. You are also invited to join as we will often open our servers up to viewers, so tune in if you want to shoot us — or you can just watch us in the video below.

Here are the details:

Here’s the Twitch stream:

We invented playing PUBG, so I’ll have to consult my attorney if you play it without getting the proper license.