The undead army is hungry, and I made it my mission to feed them during last Friday’s PUBG Family Dinner livestream. Each week, GamesBeat brings people from the game industry together for matches in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on our Twitch channel. As always, we let viewers join in, and this time they served as my obedient horde of zombies.

The zombie mode in PUBG is an option in the custom-game setting that enables up to eight players to gather weapons and resources like normal while everyone else chases them down as the unarmed undead. We loaded this mode up after several squad matches, and we sent in some of our best to fight off the endless waves of zombies.

If you’ve never seen or played in a zombie match in Battlegrounds, you should know that they human players typically have a huge advantage. Most of the zombies don’t work together, and they trickle over time. This makes it easy for the human players to slowly chew them up with their weapons from a safe distance.

To give the zombies an advantage, we got most of them into one Discord server. We also allowed them to stream snipe, and I even acted as their general. I usually observe matches from an overhead position, so I gave the zombies enough information to set up an ambush. And as the final circle approached and forced the human survivors closer to the horde, we sprung the trap:

I’ve already talked about how fog makes PUBG even better, and that holds true in zombie matches as well. But the thing that really made this all come together is the undead all jumping up out of the tall grass at the same time and yelling, “braaaains!”

This is now one of my favorite moments in gaming this year, and I won’t ever forget it.