The virtual reality industry is fragmented. Secret Location, a VR tech company, wants to address that with Vusr, a white-label distribution platform for VR apps. It’s getting an update today that makes it easier to publish, distribute, and monetize 360-degree video and other VR content on any VR headset.

Vusr can now support real-time rendered content, including room-scale VR (like on the HTC Vive VR headset) and augmented reality content. Vusr is already being used by big publishers to distribute content to the masses. Much of VR and AR technology is applied to gaming, but software developers can push beyond games to offer applications from entertainment, news, social issues and business-level operations.

“Allowing publishers to incorporate real-time rendered VR and AR content, and go beyond just 360 video, opens up endless possibilities,” said Secret Location president and founder James Milward in a statement. “Removing barriers and simplifying distribution is going to accelerate the amount and quality of content we’re seeing in the industry, which is really what we need in order to grow it.”

Toronto-based Secret Location is addressing the problem of fragmentation, and it believes that content creators and publisher need a centralized platform to cost effectively distribute and market their apps. Vusr enables a large number of apps to be accessed and experienced from within a single unified app.

Vusr was incubated by Secret Location and is backed by Entertainment One, a global independent studio that specializes in full-service publishing focusing on the development, acquisition, production, financing and distribution of world-leading entertainment content. Secret Location debuted in 2009 and it was acquired by Entertainment One in 2016.

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