Oculus announced a new refund policy for games and apps purchased on either the Rift headset or the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR. Like the price cut over the summer, the policy is likely part of a strategy to lower the barrier of entry for folks who are new to virtual reality. By offering refunds, people might be more willing to give new titles a try.

The policy differs for the two platforms. On the Rift, titles are eligible for refunds within 14 days of purchase and less than two hours of playtime, and on the Gear VR, they’re eligible within three days of purchase and less than 30 minutes of playtime. According to Oculus’s support page, you can go to Settings then Account, and request refunds through your Purchase History.

If you want a refund but you don’t meet the policy’s listed requirements, you can still contact Oculus Support and manually ask for one. Oculus notes on its page that processing a refund shouldn’t take longer than five days.