Our VB Summit, which is all about the best business cases we can find in artificial intelligence, is quickly approaching: October 23 and 24 in Berkeley, California.

The event is invite-only. But we’re publicly calling for submissions for our AI Innovation Showcase. It’s a special segment of the event that shows the most disruptive new business products in the area of artificial intelligence.

We’ll feature up to five innovative new products in the area of artificial intelligence for our executive-level audience. We’re focused on business applications, per the theme of the event.

We don’t care about the age of the company behind the product: You can be seed-stage, a more advanced private company, or a massive public company.

Our preference is that the product will not have been previously disclosed. We’ll consider products already released, but will want evidence of new traction so that the story is fresh.

The Showcase gives you a way to reach a highly influential audience — executives from leading brands and top solutions providers. But it also gives our executive attendees a taste of Silicon Valley’s cutting edge. We want to show them the best machine intelligence solutions they need to be aware of.

Thus our bar is high. (Back in 2008, a little mobile ad company called Admob kicked off our five-company showcase at MobileBeat and went on to sell to Google for $750 million.)

The VB Summit is a restart of sorts. Our Mobile Summit, which we’ve held annually since 2011, was a popular event, but times have changed. We wanted to move on from mobile and maintain focus on the most disruptive trend around. So this year, we’ve finally dropped the word “Mobile,” allowing us to focus on AI.

The Summit appears to be the only event that not only on focuses on applied AI, but has a specific eye to AI that is generating real results right now. Similarly, with this showcase, we eschew hype and are looking for real breakthrough products.

Each of the five companies selected will be given five minutes. Those chosen will be selected by an expert panel, with the criteria of disruptive and differentiated technology that has a business application.

Submit here to be one of the five AI Innovation Showcase companies.