Were you unable to get an SNES Classic Edition when the retro console launched on September 29? You might want to head to a GameStop.

The retailer announced that it is getting more of the mini system. Stores in the U.S. are receiving shipments today, while the SNES Classic Edition will be available online starting tomorrow, October 11. The same goes for Think Geek, which GameStop owns.

GameStop also notes that it should be receiving weekly shipments of the console. It’s confident it will be restocking the SNES Classic Edition throughout the rest of 2017.

Nintendo was criticized for how it handled last year’s NES Classic Edition. Supplies of the console were short, and many fans were unable to buy one. Nintendo has remedied the situation by saying it will release more NES Classic Editions next year, and this news from GameStop could be a sign that the SNES Classic Edition will never suffer from the same degree of shortages.

We love the SNES Classic Edition. It has many of the best games ever built into the system, and the never-before-released Star Fox 2 is an excellent bonus.