Ana was Overwatch‘s first post-release hero. The healer/sniper came out on July 19, 2016, just about a month after the team-based shooter launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Since then, Blizzard had not given her a new Legendary skin. Until now.

Skins change a character’s appearance. They come in different rarities, with Legendary being tops and most dramatically altering a hero’s look. Blizzard typically adds new skins in seasonal events, which happen every couple of months or so. You then unlock them either by spending in-game currency or throwing real cash at random loot boxes.

Some characters, like Tracer, have had a ton of seasonal Legendary skins. Even heroes added to the game after Ana, like Sombra and Orisa, have received new Legendary costumes. But Ana hasn’t gotten any. She’s had a few Epic skins, but that’s it. But the launch of today’s Halloween event finally remedies the situation. Not only does Ana finally have a new Legendary costume, but it’s awesome. Or should I say it’s ARRRRRsome?

It’s OK to boo me.

But, come on, just look above at the pirate skin. I know I need to have it. Hopefully the loot box gods will be kind to me this Halloween.