Video games weren’t a big part of Oculus’s Connect 4 event today in San Jose. They took a backseat to things like the new standalone Oculus Go headset and the Rift Core 2.0‘s new user interface software.

But the virtual reality company did reveal some new games and updates coming to Oculus devices. We’re included a roundup of the announcements below.

Echo Combat

This is developer Ready At Dawn’s follow-up to Echo Arena and Lone Echo. Echo Combat is coming in 2018. Oculus also teased a story-based sequel to Lone Echo.

The Unspoken single-player campaign

Insomniac’s Unspoken has players fighting each other with magical spells. Now the VR game is getting a single-player campaign later this year.

Marvel: Powers United VR

This puts you in the shoes of Marvel heroes like Thor and gives you access to their powers. A demo for it will debut November 3 at “select retail locations.”

Coco VR

Above: Coco VR

Image Credit: Oculus

Pixar’s upcoming animated film is getting a companion VR experience. It comes out on November 15, a little bit before the movie’s November 22 debut.

Face Your Fears: Stranger Things

Above: Face Your Fears and Stranger Things.

Image Credit: Oculus

Face Your Fears is a VR game that places you in creepy or terrifying scenes. Oculus announced that it will receive new content based on the hit show Stranger Things.

Respawn project

Above: Respawn.

Image Credit: Oculus

Oculus revealed that Titanfall developer Respawn is working on a new virtual reality game. It didn’t give many details, and the project won’t be released until 2019. But Respawn did promise something that would put people in the middle of a war experience.