Indie studio iFun4all announced today that it’s bringing Serial Cleaner to the Nintendo Switch at some point before the end of the year. Serial Cleaner launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in July.

The Switch has been a success since it launched in March, and the home console/portable hybrid is quickly becoming a haven for indie games. Hits like the retro side-scroller Shovel Knight and the farming simulator Stardew Valley have already made their way to the Switch. New indies, like the golf-based role-playing game Golf Story, have also launched on the console.

On Steam, Serial Cleaner has an average user review of “Very Positive.” It has about 8,000 owners on the platform, according to Steam Spy.

While many games take place in the thralls of the violence, Serial Cleaner is about the aftermath. Your job is to clean up murder scenes by removing bodies, blood stains, and evidence. It takes place in the ’70s, so you can’t count on too much technology to help you.

Serial Cleaner developer iFun4all is based in Poland. The studio opened in 2009.