Indie French developers The Pixel Hunt and Figs announced today that their new mobile game, Bury me, my Love, is coming out for iOS and Android on October 26. It will be a paid title.

Bury me, my Love is an interactive story game where you interact with characters through an instant messaging interface. It’s about a Syrian refugee, Nour, as she tries to make her way to safety. Majd, Nour’s husband, stays behind and can only communicate with her through a cellphone.

The Syrian Civil War has been going on for seven years and has resulted in at least 400,000 deaths, according to the United Nations. Also according to the UN, about 13.5 million people require humanitarian assistance, including refugees, with 6.3 million displaced by the violence. Other titles, like the 3D adventure game The Day We Left Syria, give players an interactive experience from the point of view of a refugee.

“By reading instant messages and choosing response options, players help Nour overcome the hardships she will encounter, with the story featuring multiple endings,” states a press release from the studios sent to GamesBeat. “Bury me, my Love can be played in real-time, with messages arriving in intermittent intervals, sometimes stretching for hours. A fast-track option, which allows the story to be played without pauses, is available as well.”

The Pixel Hunt founder Florent Maurin has created other works of interactive fiction based on real events, including the browser game Rebuilding Haiti. Bury me, my Love is based on the real story of a Syrian refugee, Dana S., who also acted as an editorial consultant on the game. However, it also pulls in details from other people’s stories and reflects the struggles of the many refugees who make the perilous trek to safety every year.