I can come up with a million things I like about games, but No. 1 on that list is realistic terrain deformation. That’s a nerdy way of saying I love the tracks the giant trucks leave behind in vehicle simulator Spintires. Now, developer Saber Interactive is preparing to unleash Spintires: MudRunner, an “ultimate” version of the game with additional vehicles, upgraded visuals, and more accurate physics.

Spintires: MudRunner launches October 31 on PC as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This is the first time the game is coming to those consoles after selling more than a million copies on Steam. It features an open-world map filled with objectives. You use vehicles however you wish to accomplish these goals. The challenge comes from using the right truck for the right job, or using multiple vehicles to cross one particularly rough piece of terrain. And no matter what you end up driving, you can expect MudRunner’s physics system to satisfyingly portray how earth particles break apart under your tires.

Publisher Focus Home Interactive released a trailer today, and you can watch it above. The clips shows support for controllers and some of the other improvement. It also demonstrates massive oil tankers and logging vehicles slowly progressing in the backwoods of Spintires: MudRunner’s map.

You can also see the online multiplayer and how folks can save their vehicles from rushing water or getting stuck in deep mud by working together. For example, with one player floating down a river inside a Jeep, another player pulls up in a crane truck and lowers the giant mechanical arm just in time to stop the water from sweeping the Jeep away forever. This gives the players enough time to bring in the winch truck to help pull the Jeep to safety. MudRunner supports up to four simultaneous players.

Spintires is known for enabling that kind of freeform puzzle solving, and I find it enthralling. And MudRunner should give even more people the chance to experience that for themselves.