Nintendo announced today that its next Direct presentation will focus on Animal Crossing for mobile. The show will start streaming at 8 p.m. Pacific on October 24 and last about 15 minutes. We don’t know if it will be coming out for iOS and/or Android, but Nintendo’s previous mobile efforts have reached both platforms — although not always at the same time. Super Mario Run hit Apple’s devices first.

Don’t get your hopes up for a surprise announcement for a Switch version of the series. Nintendo specified that the event will only talk about the mobile game.

The Animal Crossing games focus on living in a small neighborhood filled with talking animal friends. You spend your days decorating your house, fishing, digging for fossils, or trying to master the lucrative turnip market. The series has sold over 30 million games since it debuted in 2001.

This will be Nintendo’s third mobile game after Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem: Heroes. Both claimed the No. 1 spot in the U.S. Apple App Store rankings for games after their release. Super Mario Run is a premium app. You pay $10 to unlock the full game. Fire Emblem: Heroes is free-to-play, instead depending mostly on players spending money to unlock random characters as its main way of earning cash. We don’t know what method Animal Crossing for mobile will go for.

Nintendo uses these Directs to show off upcoming products. Sometimes it focuses on a single game, like we’re expecting with this one. Other times a Direct will have a more broad thing, like upcoming Switch and 3DS titles.