September was a wild month for hardware. Sony and Nintendo both did well with their console offerings. Microsoft, meanwhile, is still waiting for the arrival of its upgraded Xbox One X. Here’s how it breaks down, according to industry-tracking firm The NPD Group: PlayStation 4 generated the most revenue, Switch outsold Xbox One and PS4 in terms of units, and the retro Super NES Classic did even better than that.

“Sony’s PlayStation 4 led all hardware platforms in consumer spend during September 2017,” NPD analyst Mat Piscatella explained. “Nintendo Switch sold the most units among the current generation consoles.”

The Switch, which sells for $300, is one of the hottest consumer-electronics items of 2017. The PlayStation 4, which sells for $400 in its Pro configuration, is also continuing a lot of momentum. But the Switch has had a strong streak of sales whenever Nintendo has had enough stock to meet demand, and that enabled it to sell more units even if the higher price of the PS4 generated more money for Sony.

But September was all about Nintendo’s 16-bit $80 Super NES Classic Edition throwback.

“Super NES Classic was the overall top unit selling hardware platform in the period,” said Piscatella.

The console debuted September 29, and fans rushed to physical and online retail to snatch the system up. Like the NES Classic before it, the Super NES Classic is a self-contained device that looks like a tiny Super Nintendo and comes bundled with 21 games.

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