Wizards of the Coast’s Digital Games Studio is about to cast a “let’s prepare to launch a game” spell — and it’s going to need your help to test it out.

The studio announced today that it’s ready to start stress-testing and launching a closed beta for Magic: The Gathering — Arena, its upcoming digital card game that it first showed off in early September. You can sign up for a chance to participate.

Wizards will begin stress-testing Arena on November 3, and it will be emailing a select group of players who will be part of the closed beta that’s coming toward the end of the month to participate.

The plan after the stress test is to have a series of “play days” leading up to the closed beta. These one-day sessions will focus on testing the constructed format with the new Ixalan set of cards.

A closed beta period will follow as soon as November 30. Wizards said it will wipe accounts during the testing period, and if you spend money on cards, you will get credit once it launches.