It’s time to head back into the mines to learn the new ways that developer Mossmouth has devised to kill you in Spelunky 2. Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed the sequel today as part of its presentation at Paris Games Week. It is coming to PlayStation 4, but it is not exclusive.

Mossmouth revealed Spelunky 2 with a trailer that didn’t show off any gameplay. Instead, it focused on a series of pictures of Spelunky characters getting on with their lives after finding friendship, love, and treasure in the first adventure. But the trailer promises that “the walls are shifting once again” before fading to black.

Shifting walls is a reference to the way Spelunky works. It is a procedurally generated platformer where no two runs are exactly the same. The original Spelunky won over fans with its strict ruleset and difficulty that required players to learn from their mistakes. Spelunky 2 will likely expand on that concept.