Blizzard revealed that StarCraft II is going to become a free-to-play game at its BlizzCon event in Anaheim, California. StarCraft II goes free on November 14.

StarCraft II launched for PC in 2010. Blizzard has continued to support the real-time strategy game with standalone expansions and downloadable mission packs. Now that the title is over seven years old, support from Blizzard has slowed down. But the studio hasn’t abandoned StarCraft II.

The free version of StarCraft II will come with the Wings of Liberty solo campaign and give you access to the multiplayer ladder. If you already own Wings of Liberty, you’ll get the Heart of the Swarm expansion for free. Blizzard also revealed during the event that it is going to release a new cop-op mission pack for the real-time strategy game.

Earlier this year, Blizzard released a remastered version of the original StarCraft with HD visuals and improved online features. Starcraft has been a popular title in the esports scene, especially in South Korea.

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