Want to really impress your relatives this Thanksgiving? Why not bring them a cake that looks a video game character’s head? Or you can just make this Cuphead treat for yourself to munch on while you try to beat the difficult indie game.

The adorable YouTube channel Sugar High Score has created a video tutorial for making your own Cuphead cake. Cuphead is an indie 2D sidescroller with an art style that nods at the classic era of cartoons. It came out for Xbox One and PC in late September and already has hit more than 1 million in sales.

Its main character is a charming fellow with a giant cup for his head (hence, you know, the name), and it turns out he makes for a handsome cake.

And if you’re more of a Nintendo guy, check out Sugar High Score’s video on making a cake based on Cappy, Mario’s talking hat from Super Mario Odyssey.