Overwatch’s 26th character, Moira, is now live.

Overwatch has over 35 million players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The team-based shooter adds new heroes and maps at a steady rate for free to keep its players engaged. Overwatch monetizes with cosmetic loot boxes filled with items like costumes and voice lines that players can buy with real money (or earn slowly by playing).

Moira is a healer/damage hybrid character. Overwatch was short on support characters, so fans have been rejoicing since her announcement. Moira is also the first support character to belong to Talon, the Overwatch universe’s villain organization.

The patch that adds Moira also brings a nerf to Mercy, Overwatch’s most popular healer. An unsuccessful rework changed her Resurrection ability from an Ultimate that revives everyone to less-powerful surge that brings a single target back to life. This actually ended up resulting in more Resurrections per game, and Mercy became so much more powerful than the other healers that you were unlikely to ever see a team without one.

Mercy’s Resurrection now has a short cast animation that players can interrupt. It also makes her vulnerable, so she should have a harder time reviving teammates.