Yahoo is adding two new features to its email service ahead of the holiday season. Now users will be able to “clip” coupons, albeit digitally, and keep track of their travel information, regardless of whether it’s in Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, or Outlook.

According to Juniper Research, 80 percent of all coupon redemption will be done on mobile by 2022. And when you factor in the number of offers and ads that will flood inboxes ahead of Christmas, there’s a clear opportunity to help users digitally organize the chaos.

Yahoo said that its email service will find the most relevant deals from your inboxes so you don’t have to search by brand or expiration date. All coupons you decide to clip will reside in a dedicated place within your account, and you’ll be notified when they’re about to expire.

Since millions of people will also be traveling this season, Yahoo Mail’s new travel feature will help organize boarding passes. The feature is similar to Gmail’s Trip bundles or what you’d imagine TripIt being if it resided within an inbox. One notable difference is that Yahoo looks at multiple accounts, as people may use their work email to book flights or have more than one personal account.

Yahoo Mail now provides a single travel view that will display check-in notifications, up-to-date details about your flight, and any change notifications. It will also help if you have to cancel your flight. It’s unfortunate that Yahoo doesn’t include hotel or car reservations, since that would give you a complete picture of your trip.

Both of these features are available today on the web and in Yahoo Mail’s iOS and Android apps.