Gang Beasts is a delightfully goofy multiplayer brawler set in the colorful metropolis Beef City. Indie developer Boneloaf and publisher Double Fine Productions released it on Steam Early Access in 2014. It’ll be launching for PC and PlayStation 4 on December 12 for $20.

Up to four players can participate in Gang Beasts’s slapstick cartoony fights. At its core, it’s everyone for themselves as each player attempts to emerge victorious. Other modes also spice up the gameplay: 2-vs-2 soccer and a co-op mode where players work together to defeat an unending wave of enemies.

Gang Beasts is unrelenting in its silly humor. The players can customize their wiggly characters with chicken costumes and outlandish beards. The fights take place in hot dog factories and atop ferris wheels with hamburger carriages. And the characters move with a joyous floppiness that adds an extra element of frivolous fun.

Gang Beasts is the latest title from the Double Fine Presents label. Other games that Double Fine has published include David OReilly’s pensive virtual toy Mountain and Ko-op Mode’s vibrant puzler Gnog.