Five Nights at Freddy’s has always been about murderous animatronics and jump scares — but what about the pizza? You can’t have a cursed Chuck E. Cheese’s-like restaurant without pizza. Today, developer Scott Cawthon stealth-opened the doors to his newest horror game: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator. It’s available for free on Steam.

The trailer for the new addition to the FNAF franchise has an innocuous pixel art aesthetic. On Steam, its description reads: “Presenting a fun Five Nights at Freddy’s adventure with a lighter touch for the holidays, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator puts you in charge of developing your own restaurant! Design pizzas, feed kids, and get high scores!”

Yeah, right.

The Pizzeria Simulator is the seventh game in the franchise. In all of the other titles, you’re tasked with thwarting animatronic characters — such as the titular Freddy — as they try to sneak up on you and subject you to a fiendish fate. The most recent game is FNaF World, a role-playing game spinoff. Cawthon withdrew it from Steam last year but said that he would still work on it.

The FNaF franchise has been a huge viral success, thanks in part because of all the attention it’s gotten from YouTubers. You can find FNaF paraphernalia at Hot Topic stores, and a movie adaptation has been in the works since 2015.