Capcom revealed during a 30th anniversary event streamed on Twitch today that Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 are coming to the Nintendo Switch next year.

The first Legacy Collection contains Mega Man through Mega Man 6, while the second includes Mega Man 7 through 10. Together, they represent every numbered entry in the classic Mega Man series Capcom has released so far. The entire series has sold over 30 million games.

Backbone Entertainment worked on the ports for the first Legacy Collection, but Capcom handled Legacy Collection 2 on its own. Each contained faithful ports of the original games with bonuses like art galleries and a Challenge Mode. But the collections did not include any spinoff games like Mega Man Soccer.

Mega Man had his start on Nintendo hardware, so having these games playable on the Switch is fitting. Mega Man 11 will also come out for Nintendo’s latest system next year.