Sometimes karma arrives in the form of an all-knowing hoofed deity. The Deer God passes judgment on a hunter who accidentally kills a fawn. In retribution, he is reborn as one of the woodland creatures he used to hunt. Developer Blowfish Studios is launching it on the Nintendo Switch on December 21 for $8.

As a deer, you explore the lush pixel-art forests and solve puzzles on a quest to be born again as a human. You can choose to seek retribution or act out as a destructive force on those around you. It may take several cycles of reincarnation before you achieve enlightenment, and throughout those lifetimes, you live as the wild things do: running, hunting, fighting, and finding mates.

The Deer God was initially developed for PC and Xbox One by developer Crescent Moon Games in 2015. According to Steam Spy, about 61,000 people have bought it for PC and Mac. Blowfish has since brought it to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It’s helped port other titles to consoles, including Crescent Moon and Were Five Games’s space exploration adventure Morphite.

“The Deer God’s procedurally-generated levels lend themselves incredibly well to being able to play on the go, and we’re delighted to allow players to take the game with them on adventures,” said Blowfish’s CEO Ben Lee in a press release.