It’s the season for holiday specials, but game developers don’t make many of these for their properties. Sure, you can go back and play Sega’s Christmas Nights or dabble in the occasional online event, but now you can also evade gingerbread men and giant snowballs in a special holiday version of Donkey Kong.

Sock Master, a Donkey Kong community hacker, has released the DK Remix Christmas edition as part of a holiday tournament on the Donkey Kong Forum website. This version of Nintendo’s arcade classic covers the levels in snow, puts Pauline in a red party dress, and gives a wintry spin to many of its other elements. You can play it if you have the original Donkey Kong arcade ROM and the MAME emulator and download the remix from

The tournament, which is a small fan event, has a prize pool of $250 and a DK Remix T-shirt. The person with the highest score gets $100. The Donkey Kong Forum is also planning to award cash bounties to people who get to the game’s kill screen, the first person to get 1 million points, and the person who gets the highest end-stage bonus. This tournament starts December 16 and runs through the end of the month.

I am announcing my retirement from Donkey Kong Christmas competitions due to my need to “git gud.”

See how terrible I am for yourself:

But hey, maybe I can’t compete against the diehard Donkey Kong community, but I’m willing to play against some of your putzes. Hit me up on Twitter with your score, and I’ll see if I can beat it. In the meantime, Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal (Donkey Kong).

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