The innovative co-op game A Way Out is breaking out of prison on March 23, 2018. Developer Hazelight Studios will be launching it on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as PC through Electronic Arts’s Origin platform. Players will also be able to download a “friend pass,” which acts as a free trial that enables them to join a co-op game with a friend who owns the game.

Each player will control either the characters Leo or Vincent, and they’ll have to work together to bust out of jail and face the obstacles beyond. Cinematic scenes occur on a single screen. The camera ducks and weaves and occasionally follows one character and then the other. But most other sequences occur on a split-screen as each player has to complete their own tasks, working toward the same goal.

A Way Out was announced earlier this year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Hazelight’s previous title also featured innovative controls. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was a critically acclaimed indie title where players controlled two characters at once. Each of their movements corresponded with one of the thumbsticks and triggers.