Developer Campo Santo announced its new game In the Valley of Gods at The Game Awards tonight. It’s slated for release in 2019, with platforms to be announced.

It’s a single-player adventure game about seeking treasure in an ancient valley. The world premiere trailer showed two characters exploring pyramids and ruins in Egypt. Like the studio’s previous title, Firewatch, In the Valley of Gods looks as though it’ll be visually striking with lush warm colors. And Campo Santo’s previous work is anything to go by, it will likely tackle emotionally complex topics and relationships.

Firewatch launched in early 2016 and was critically acclaimed for its beautiful look and its compelling narrative. GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb gave it a near-100/100 score. Within its first year, it sold 1 million copies and it’s going to get the Hollywood treatment with a movie adaptation.

Campo Santo was recently a target for review-bombing on the PC distribution platform Steam after it issued a DMCA takedown against the well-known YouTube creator Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg. The streamer said the n-word during a broadcast, which prompted Campo Santo co-founder Sean Vanaman to note that the studio will not be allowing PewDiePie to use any of its games in his videos.