Sony announced today that its PlayStation 4 console has sold over 70.6 million machines worldwide. This includes both the original PS4 and the 4K enhanced PlayStation 4 Pro.

At this time last year, lifetime sales were at 50 million. That means the PS4 sold over 20 million consoles in a year. It’s getting close to passing the total sales of its predecessor, the PlayStation 3, which topped out at about 84 million.

The original PlayStation 4 launched in November 2013. In November 2016, Sony released the PlayStation 4 Pro. Its enhanced hardware enabled 4K gaming and could run games with better performance. The upgraded hardware helped Sony move over 20 million consoles in the PlayStation 4 brand’s fourth year.

Sony also announced that the PSVR headset, which enables virtual reality on the PlayStation 4, has sold more than 2 million units since launching in October 2016. Total games sales for PS4, including physical and digital, have reached 617.8 million.

Microsoft does not share total sales number for the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4’s chief competitor. Similar to the PlayStation 4 Pro, Microsoft released a 4K-focused Xbox One X on November 7.