Cliff Bleszinski revealed on Twitter today that the other co-founder of Boss Key Productions, Arjan Brussee, is leaving the studio. Brussee was also the developer’s chief operating officer.

Boss Key Productions launched its first project, the multiplayer shooter LawBreakers, for PC in August. But the game has struggled to find an audience. The shooter only had a peak concurrent player count of 420 in the last 30 days, according to SteamCharts.

But Bleszinski pointed out in his message that the studio is “still makin’ games here!” So this is not a death-knell for LawBreakers.

Brussee worked with Bleszinski at Epic in the mid-1990s as the main programmer for the Jazz Jackrabbit games. Those 2D action side-scrollers helped catapult Epic to the mainstream. Brussee would go on to cofound Guerrilla Games, the studio behind the Killzone shooter series and recently the open-world game Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Brussee would leave Guerrilla Games in 2012, briefly joining the now defunct Visceral Games to help create Battlefield: Hardline before leaving the studio and EA to cofound Boss Key in 2014.