PlayStation Experience always has a T-shirt. That shirt is usually on the chest of Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Shawn Layden, and it typically teases a new game. This year, the graphic on that “T” was Sony’s way of announcing the return of 1998’s MediEvil. The original PlayStation action -dventure is getting revamped for a return on PlayStation 4 next year.

MediEvil is a bright 3D hack-‘n’-slash game where players take on the role of Sir Daniel Fortesque, who is a reanimated skeleton. As this walking sack of bones, you get to explore the lands of Gallowmere and defend it from the evil sorcerer Zarok’s army.

If you’re thinking that sounds scary or silly, you’re right. Sony definitely tried to strike a balance between horror and comedy when it made MediEvil, and that helped it stand out from some of the other early 3D games.

It spawned a sequel in 2000, and Sony put out a PSP remake, MediEvil: Resurrection, in 2005.