Game Insight announced that Guns of Boom for iOS and Android has blasted its way to 20 million downloads in six months, and the company is unveiling a new mode for esports players.

The Vilnius, Lithuania-based company has a big hit in the 4-versus-4 cartoony multiplayer shooter, which looks a lot like Valve’s Team Fortress 2 PC team shooter on mobile. The new esports Pro Play mode is a partnership with esports teams including NaVi,, and SK Gaming. Guns of Boom is featured in the Apple App Store’s Best of 2017 as part of their Real-Time Competition games category, thanks in part to its mix of 3D touch (a iOS feature that detects additional finger pressure) and standard controls.

Game Insight CEO Anatoly Ropotov spoke at our GamesBeat 2015 conference about building sustainable free-to-play games, and it looks like Game Insight has done so with Guns of Boom. After the launch, the company has been enhancing the game with new modes, new maps, and a cool-looking augmented reality spectator mode, which allows you to see an overhead view of the action from any perspective using a smartphone or tablet. It made its AR mode using Apple’s ARKit AR tools.

Founded in 2009, Game Insight has had more than 300 million users for its games to date.

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