Nintendo has announced that its Switch game console has now sold 10 million units globally.

The news comes just ten months after the Japanese gaming giant launched the hybrid console to consumers around the world.

The 10 million milestone perhaps shouldn’t come as a major surprise given recent sales figures. In October, Nintendo announced that the Switch drove the company’s sales growth by 175 percent in the six months ending September 30. It reported net sales of around $3.29 billion for those six months, compared to the previous year’s figure of $1.2 billion, while its profits grew from $337 million to $463.4 million.

Nintendo had sold 4.7 million Switch consoles by the end of June, a number that had jumped to 7.63 million by the end of September, it’s effectively maintaining a sales rate of roughly 2.3 million (give or take) Switch consoles every couple of months. The company had previously said that it expected to hit roughly 14 million Switch units sold by the end of March, 2018, so it is pretty much on track to achieve that goal.

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