Seasonal events bring new game modes, but many Overwatch fans especially look forward to the new costumes. The second Winter Wonderland, which starts today and lasts until January 1, adds some good-looking skins.

The event adds seven new Legendary skins, the highest rarity in the game. You can unlock them with 3000 in-game credits or through loot boxes which you can earn by playing or buy with real money. Interestingly, this year’s additions don’t feature any Christmas or holiday theming, instead opting for a more general “winter” aesthetic.

So, let’s look at these new costumes.

Above: Hoot!

Image Credit: GamesBeat

After a long streak of getting squat, Ana get’s her second Legendary skin in a row! And it’s another awesome one!

Above: Built for the cold.

Image Credit: GamesBeat

First off, his little owl friend is awesome. Secondly, I love robots in hats.

Above: Casual!

Image Credit: GamesBeat

Is that gray or snow in his beard? Either way, I’m digging this casual look.

Above: Uh…Junkrat?

Image Credit: GamesBeat

Well, Junkrat is crazy. I guess he got holidays mixed up? Oh, wait. He’s from Australia. I guess they don’t have cold winters.

Above: The blubber!

Image Credit: GamesBeat

Blizzard won’t stop until it’s turned Roadhog into every fat animal known to man.

Above: I want this.

Image Credit: GamesBeat

This looks cool and I want it. It’s like Mr. Freeze from Batman & Robin mixed with Soldier 76.

Above: Nipping at your nose. Boop!

Image Credit: GamesBeat

Jack Frost nips at your nose, but Sombra boops at your nose.