Microsoft’s Mixer division is launching its Mixer livestreaming app for Android and iOS today.

The company said the new app is the result of a full redesign, directly shaped by community feedback and focused on making it easier to find streams. It comes with increased personalization options and takes full advantage of Mixer’s interactive experiences.

The app is also built on a brand new code base, which means the team can update faster. New features include push notifications, ensuring viewers always know when their favorite streamers go live, said Jerome Holman, the senior program manager for Mixer, in a blog post.

The app also has a refreshed display, including new tabs, tap-and-hold video previews, and improved search.

Mixer has also enhanced stream page and player settings, enabling viewers to customize the viewing experience to their needs – including stream video quality, chat and audio toggle, and easy sharing.

“Just months ago, we announced we were rebuilding the Mixer app for Android and iOS,” Holman wrote. “Since then and with the help of our community, we’ve built the best version of the app to date and are excited to announce it’s available for download today.”

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