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BlackBerry will kill its app store at the end of 2019, support BB10 for ‘at least two’ more years

BlackBerry is finally sharing plans for its legacy software and services. The BlackBerry World app store is going away on December 31, 2019; the BlackBerry Travel site is shutting down in February 2018; and the Playbook video calling service will die in March 2018. The company is otherwise promising “at least two full years of additional support for BB10” and “at least two full years of BlackBerry network access for BBOS devices.”

The future of BlackBerry OS, the latest version of which is BlackBerry 10 (or BB10, for short), has been in question ever since rumors started about BlackBerry adopting Android. Now that we’ve seen quite a few BlackBerry devices powered by Android, and now that BlackBerry is no longer a phone company, the Canadian firm is finally starting to cut back.

It’s taken BlackBerry an excruciatingly long time to get here. The last BBOS devices were manufactured in 2015.