We’re amid the gift-giving holidays, and it’s time to celebrate with decorations, good cheer, and crass consumerism. Epic Games is doing its part to deliver all of those things with some updates to Fortnite that will introduce a holiday event and (finally) a way to spend money on the last-player-standing mode. The Survive the Holidays update will decorate trees in lights and ornaments, and it will also give players cosmetic items like ugly Christmas sweaters. This comes alongside the introduction of Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Season 2.

Survive the Holidays and Season 2 have already begun. You can get them now by launching your game on PC or consoles. Since festive theme is only here for a limited time, you may want to check in for your chance to get limited-time items. Surive the Holidays introduces new emotes in addition to new cosmetics, and it also has a limited-time snowball grenade launcher that will go away when the event ends after Christmas.

But the biggest change to Fortnite: Battle Royale is Season 2’s Battle Pass, which is a new optional way to unlock more cosmetic items faster. Players can purchase the Battle Pass for 1,000 V-bucks, which is the equivalent of $10. This introduces a new way to spend money in Fortnite, which previously only enabled microtransactions for its Save the World (PVE) mode before it started selling cosmetics in Battle Royale about a month ago.

The Battle Pass gives you instant access to certain cosmetic items, and then you can play to upgrade the Battle Pass and unlock “up to 65 additional rewards. Players who don’t buy the Battle Pass can still earn select Season 2 items — just not the full suite that is available to premium-tier players.

This pass will last through the entirety of Season 2, which will run through February 20. If you start running out of time, you can of course spend even more money to purchase new Battle Pass levels whenever you want. If you maximize your progression, you’ll get a bonus 1,000 V-Bucks, which is 50 more than you have to pay right now for the Battle Pass itself at its discounted price.

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