Developers Noio’s and Licorice’s monarchy simulator Kingdom: New Lands is getting new territory with its Skull Island expansion, which will add another win condition and another island to explore. It’s free for folks who buy or own the full game, it’s available today on the PC and Nintendo Switch. It will arrive within the week for iOS, Android, and Xbox One. The expansion comes ahead of Kingdom: New Land’s January 16 launch on the PlayStation 4.

Kingdom: New Lands itself is an expansion on the original Kingdom: Classic, which publisher Raw Fury is offering for free on Steam for the next 24 hours. It’s a side-scrolling strategy game with a pixel art aesthetic that hands you the crown of a besieged ruler who must build up their realm while fighting off invaders who attack at night. The difficulty lies in managing your scarce resources and also the fact that the game doesn’t give you much instruction and you must figure out what you’re supposed to do on your own.

Kingdom: Classic debuted in 2015 and received nominations at the Independent Games Festival in 2016 for Excellence in Narrative and Excellence in Design. New Lands launched in 2016, and with the port to PS4, it will be available on all major consoles along with PC and mobile platforms. This aligns with Raw Fury’s 2018 plan to bring its titles to more consoles, which it announced earlier this month along with raising a seed round of $600,000.