Nintendo’s online store for downloadable video games appears to be a casualty of the Switch’s popularity this holiday season. The company announced on Twitter that it’s working on a fix for people who are encountering errors when trying to access the eShop to purchase and download games, but it’s unclear when it will be back up and running.

When users try and access the eShop, a 2813-0009 error has been greeting for the past several hours. It’s unclear what’s causing the problem, though it seems likely that the Switch’s status as a hot ticket gift has led to multiple people hammering the shop with requests for new games.

That means people who weren’t given physical cartridges along with their new consoles will have to wait until the issues subside before they’re able to actually enjoy playing a game on the Switch. The same thing goes for the Wii U and 3DS. Right now, the issues appear to be occurring worldwide; Nintendo Europe’s service dashboard is also showing an outage.

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Nintendo isn’t the only company with store issues. Sony’s service status dashboard is reporting that some users may be experiencing issues redeeming codes for the PlayStation Network Store, though purchasing and downloading games appears to be working normally.

Holiday outages are nothing new for gaming companies. The PlayStation Network went down for a week during the holidays in 2014 as the result of a cyberattack that also brought down Xbox Live for a shorter period of time.