While everyone else is giving awards to Zelda and PlayerUnknown’s Battegrounds, our GamesBeat Rewind year-end event has the guts to hand out silly accolades to the real winners of the year as part of our Non-Awards. For example, virtual reality can’t win game of the year, but here’s something it truly deserves.

The non-award for Best Tech That’s Too Much Dang Work goes to… Virtual Reality

Listen to us discuss this category in the audio version of the podcast right here:

I still like VR. It’s a tech that continues to impress me every time I use it, which is not that often. The problem is that I rarely want to go through the effort of setting up VR. I have to make sure the sensors are plugged in, the headset is connected instead of my second monitor, and then I have to find time to shut out the rest of the world.

Ugh. Just writing all of that gives me anxiety. I know the second that I do that, I’m going to have to deal with some emergency at work or at home.

I love you, VR … I just don’t love everything you ask of me.