55 VR games to look forward to in 2018


Image Credit: Polyarc

And that’s a wrap on 2017. We’ve played some amazing games in VR this year but, as always, we’re wondering what’s next. It’s a bit of a tradition here now to round up all the big releases we’re looking forward to in the coming year, so that’s exactly what we’ve done. This year’s list is the biggest one yet, and that’s without including scores of promising titles already in Early Access. With VR headsets now cheaper than they’ve ever been before, 2018 is shaping up to be a great year to jump in on the fun.

Ace Combat 7 – PSVR (hands-on)

It might not be the full game, but Ace Combat 7’s VR mode still sounds like it will be a worthwhile and thrilling affair. Hop into the cockpit of an elite aircraft and pull of cinematic stunts as you engage in massive dogfights. We were hoping to play this in 2017, but delays suggest that developer Project Aces is making sure it nails the experience.

The American Dream – Rift, Vive, PSVR (hands-on)