Sega announced today that it is releasing Two Point Hospital for PC via Steam later in 2018. The game comes from Two Point Studios, which former Lionhead employees Mark Webley and Gary Carr founded in 2016.

Before Lionhead, the two worked at its predecessor, Bullfrog Production. The studio created multiple sims games, including Theme Park and Theme Hospital. Two Point Hospital is a spiritual successor to the later. The original Theme Hospital, published by EA, came out for PC in 1997, with a PlayStation version following in 1998.

Theme Hospital has players running and managing their own medical facility. You have to design floors and place rooms, hire and train staff, and handle the financial costs and billing of patients. Simulation games these day often focus more on creating things and less on management, so Take Two Hospital could fill a gap in the current PC gaming landscape.

“Gary and I have been talking about this project for a number of years and are really excited to be announcing Two Point Studios,” said Webley in a press release sent to GamesBeat.

“The amazing team we have managed to bring together, and our partnership with Sega, has really allowed this first part of our vision to finally come to fruition,” Carr noted in the same press release.

Sega started teasing this announcement earlier this month on Twitter.

This project gives Sega more prominence in the PC market, this time targeting fans of simulation games. Sega has been expanding into the PC market in recent years with franchises like the Total War strategy series, while releasing new games like Sonic Mania on PC around the same time as their console versions.

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