Crytek announced today that its upcoming multiplayer shooter Hunt: Showdown will enter closed alpha testing on January 31 for PC. You can sign up for a chance to play here.

Hunt: Showdown has players fighting across an open map. Competitors, either alone or in teams of two, race to kill monsters and collect their bounties, but an enemy could always come in, wipe you out, and steal your spoils. Testing for competitive games like this is important to create a fair and balanced experience.

Crytek is behind a popular game-making tool, CryEngine, which has powered its graphically proficient games, including the Crysis series.

Hunt: Showdown has had a long and troubled history. Crytek USA was originally working on it. This was a division the studio created when it acquired Virgil Games following THQ selling its assets in 2013. Hunt was to be a spiritual successor to Virgil’s Darksiders series, but Crytek closed the developer down in 2014. Development then moved to Crytek proper.