The stylish roguelike dungeon-crawler Dead Cells launched on PC in Early Access, and developer Motion Twin announced today that the full game will debut on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch as well. The release date has yet to be announced, though Motion Twin is hoping to roll it out before the fall.

In Dead Cells, players take control of a nameless pile of green cells that possess a skeletal warrior. They hack, slice, and pierce their way through procedurally generated dungeons crawling with increasingly powerful enemies and punctuated with elite foes and boss fights. If they die, they return to the beginning, upgrade equipment that can appear during loot drops, and go at it again.

“We always wanted to bring Dead cells to as much of the gaming community as possible but in all honesty, there is some form of egoism in it too,” said Motion Twin’s producer Steve Filby. “Most of us have some form of console and all of us have fond memories from ‘back in the day,’ so there’s that kind of geek dream come true vibe to it all … having our game on console, it’s a personal and professional milestone.”

Dead Cells has been in Early Access since May and it’s sold over 600,000 copies. Filby says it’s been an excellent opportunity, helping the Motion Twin team tweak the mechanics and also find the “best parts of the game” and focus on those aspects.

“Feedback on the balancing of the game is indeed a big part of it, but being in Early Access brings way more than that if you’re ready to listen to the community,” said Filby. “The whole metagame (the progression of the character throughout the runs) has been burnt to ashes and rebuilt to take into account suggestions from the players.”