Dragon Ball wasn’t just an anime thing that I was into back when I was an awkward teenager. It turns out that most awkward teenagers are into it and many of them carry that fandom with them into adulthood, and that mainstream appeal has helped draw PC players to Dragon Ball FighterZ on Steam.

Publisher Bandai Namco launched the fighter from developer Arc System Works earlier today, and it has hit a peak of 44,337 simultaneous players. That has it near the bottom of the top 10 of Steam’s most active releases at the moment, but it is in good company alongside Rocket League and Grand Theft Auto V. But what’s notable about that number is that it is more than twice as a high as the all-time peak concurrent players for Tekken, and it triples Street Fighter: Arcade Edition’s peak. This suggests that Dragon Ball FighterZ is selling well on PC in addition to whatever it is doing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Twitter user PS360HD2 noticed this and posted the numbers right here:


The bulk of Dragon Ball FighterZ sales will come from the consoles — that’s just the state of the market. But Bandai Namco made sure to include PC players in the launch, and those fans are rewarding the publisher by showing up with their wallets open.

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