I’ve already written that I think that the Shadow of the Colossus remake on PlayStation 4 looks too refined. But I’m trying put that aside so I can play this new version on its terms. I do admit that when I look beyond the stylistic choices, these giant beasts look really sharp. I recorded footage of my fight with the first colossus in 4K on a PlayStation 4 Pro, and you can see just how much detail is the fur and stony surfaces of these creatures.

You can watch the 4K clip right here:

I’m playing in Resolution mode on PS4 pro, so you should see some extra fidelity in texture and objects at a distance. But I really like the way everything works together

In one moment in the clip, you can see the hero climbing through the beast’s fur. In an attempt to shake you off, the colossus does a little shimmy, and its fur bounces around realistically. At the same time a group of birds fly overhead and their shadows streak across the top of the head of the monster.

Shadow of the Colossus may not have that ethereal feel that I associate with director Fumito Ueda’s games, including the 2016 PS4 release The Last Guardian. But it still is a technical achievement.