The Sea of Thieves beta has a couple of days left, and players are trying to find the edge of the world. So what happens when you sail off the map? Well, you find the Antarctic wall that surrounds our flat Earth, but before you can reach it, NASA’s secret police force hunts you down with their cyberdrones in order to preserve their secret.

I’m kidding, of course. The government would never let Microsoft show the truth in a video game.

If you want to know what really happens, watch this video from Will Smith’s Twitch stream the other night:

If you consider this a spoiler, don’t read any further.

You don’t fall off the world when you get to the end of the map. Personally, I was hoping you’d just reach a waterfall that would send you off into blackness. Instead, the sky turns black and the sea turns blood red, and your ship begins taking on water from every possible part of the hull. It’s a scary moment, and it’s indicative of a game world that feels whole.

The Sea of Thieves beta ends January 31, and it launches on PC and Xbox One on March 20.