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At Facebook’s F8 global conference in 2017, airline company and VB Live guest, Aeromexico, announced the results of their artificial intelligence gamble. Six months previously they had launched a customized AI system, a neural network built on a foundation of machine learning.

In those six months, the company went from zero to 96 percent automation of its customer service function. And its AI-powered platform, which learns as it goes by scanning and analyzing previous customer service transcripts, reduced the average customer service resolution time from an average of 16 minutes to just 2 minutes.

We’ve reached the tipping point — the place where AI technology isn’t just a fancy new toy, but a powerful, effective tool. It’s an accessible, affordable, and increasingly necessary business function, if you want to stay competitive.

The avalanche of unstructured data that can be harnessed offers unprecedented insight into customer behaviors, patterns, and beliefs; the sheer computing power required to analyze that data at scale is available to anyone, and won’t break the budget. And the frenzy surrounding AI has kicked off a revolution in Silicon Valley; AI startups are swarming out of the woodwork, offering a rapidly mounting number of solutions, platforms, services, and the kind of cheerful, wild-eyed enthusiasm that gets your business on the right AI path, fast.

AI is poised to have a transformational impact on every industry in the coming decade. Now, it can enable the strategies you already have in place, amp up the potential of your analytics by helping you understand exactly what data you have, what it means, and what the untapped possibilities are.

It can refine your customer and market segment data, helping you drill down into who you’re talking to, when you’re talking to them, and mostly importantly, what they want to hear.

To learn more about the opportunities that AI is opening up for businesses with imagination, the kind of results companies are seeing when they use AI to transform their core processes and business models, and how to get started right here and now, don’t miss this VB Live event!

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  • Brian Gross, VP Digital Innovation, Aeromexico
  • Michael Healey, President, Yeoman Technology Group
  • Dan Wulin, Director of Data Science, Wayfair
  • Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

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